One day isn’t so far away and by making the decision to attend Eastland-Fairfield you are making your one day a reality now. Maybe you aren’t 100% certain what you will be doing in the future or maybe you’ve been sure since childhood. No matter where you are at on your journey, be assured that the decision to build a skill, learn a trade, prep for postsecondary, earn a credential and save money is smart. It’s brave. And you’re one day is on the right track by choosing career-tech and Eastland-Fairfield. We know you might be nervous. We know you and your family have questions. We know this is a bold decision. That’s why we want to get you ready for the Eastland-Fairfield student experience.

The Video Series

Our exclusive “One Day: The Eastland-Fairfield Student Experience” series follows a day in the life of six of our students as they navigate their day learning their skills, taking academics and balancing life. Each web episode focuses on a special topic important to students as they make the decision to attend EFCTS.

The Podcast

Listen to current students, alumni and more in our exclusive podcast series “Beyond One Day”, which takes listeners beyond what they watch in the web series. Featuring interviews with the students in the web series along with others, including an alumnus, a parent, a business partner, and more. You can listen here on this website or on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify on your mobile device.

Your Host

Eastland-Fairfield has partnered with Beth Probst to serve as our host of the One Day campaign. She interviewed our students and other guests on the Beyond One Day Podcast. She is the founder of At The Core and is a seasoned interviewer experienced in career development. As a manager with hiring responsibilities, Beth encountered many candidates who could not express why a job was a good fit for them. Beth clearly remembers her own decision process while choosing a college and major, and she recognized a tangible way to help students do it better than she did. She loves working with students and parents to put powerful and actionable information in their hands. She is also an advocate of career-technical education, working with many career centers on facilitating conversations amongst parents. Her daughter is enrolled in a career-tech program at Delaware Area Career Center in Delaware, Ohio.

Have Questions?

Eastland-Fairfield is thrilled that you are considering enrollment in EFCTS, but we realize there will be both excitement, questions, nerves, and doubts along the way. That’s why we’ve designed this One Day site to address as many of you and your family’s questions as possible. We highly encourage you to watch the videos and listen to the podcast episodes and attend all of the events we have planned for you this school year. And, use this website as a resource as it will be updated frequently with important information about your enrollment. If you have questions and need to talk to someone, don’t hesitate. Our Career Services team is here to help.

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