Our six-episode web series “One Day: The Eastland-Fairfield Student Experience” follows a day in the life of six of our students as they navigate their day learning their skills, taking academics and balancing life. Each episode will focus on a special topic important to students as they make the decision to attend EFCTS. New episodes will be released on the following schedule:

March 14, 2019: Episode One “Meet Your Mentors”

April 15, 2019: Episode Two “Staying Involved With Your Associate School”

April 22, 2019: Episode Three “The Daily Schedule/Personalizing The Experience”

May 13, 2019: Episode Four “The Rigor Remains: Academics at the Career Center”

June 10, 2019: Episode Five “A Sense of Belonging: Friendships”

July 8, 2019: Episode Six “The Career-Tech Lab”